Welcome to my page! Glad you could make it!



I decided to start this blog on real estate to gain awareness. For me and you. This is my way of waving my hands in the air and shouting that I’m a Realtor. I’m growing my business and I’d love to take on more clients.

I also want to help buyers and sellers get a little insight into what they will experience once they decide to move. In this blog, I’m going to try to cover some of the basic topics that can cause some stress or confusion. Buying or selling a house is major. It can really wear you down if things don’t go how you imagined they would. I’d like to make some things clear and give you a rough outline of the steps you will go through.

I hope that by creating this blog, I can reach out to some people who could use a helping hand. Most people don’t know that much about real estate. I know I didn’t before I started studying for my license. Now that I am fully licensed, I find that I still learn something new everyday and I love it. I have made it my plan to post at lease once a week. So check back with me! I’ll share my ever growing knowledge of real estate with you. Feel free to ask questions or to leave feedback!

Have a great day!


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