My first open house went very well. About 15 people showed up! I offered to hold it for a successful team in my brokerage to get more clients. The house had been recently remodeled by the previous owners. It was located in a gorgeous community in Federal Way. Just minutes away from a golf course, a park, and multiple shopping centers; I knew it would sell fast and generate a lot of traffic.



I found out about the open house 3 days before I was supposed to hold it so I started marketing it immediately. The listing agent posted the information about the open house on the multiple listing service. The sellers had hired a professional photographer to get pictures of the property that were gorgeous. The listing agents gave me permission to use those. I included them in my flyers, which I passed out to neighbors the day before the open. As of 2016, 78% of Americans have a social media account so I also posted them to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. I also created a blog on my process of preparing for the open. I brought 7 directional signs that I placed in spots that I thought would be seen the most.

The open started at 1 and 5 minutes after I had my first guests come through. They were the next door neighbors and they were curious to see all of the renovations that happened. They were blown away by how different it looked inside. They said it looked like a brand new house. The young couple stayed and chatted for a few minutes. I asked them, as I did the rest of the guests that came through, what they liked about the house and if there was anything they would like to change about it. I think it’s important to get feedback and to try to be original. Most people attend more than one open house, especially if they don’t have a realtor. There was another open happening a couple cul de sacs away at the same time. I like to give them a reason to remember me above the rest.

After the first couple left, I started to get nervous. No one was coming! Forty minutes went by before the next couple came through. They were a lovely couple interested in buying and they didn’t have an agent. I was thrilled but I reigned it in. They really liked the house but it wasn’t quite what they were looking for. We exchanged phone numbers and made a plan to meet back up after the open to check out other houses in the neighborhood. I was so excited. Someone very successful once told me that his business was built off of open houses and now I could see how.

After that I stayed busy. There were multiple groups of people coming all at the same time. It was difficult trying to make sure I talked to everyone that came in. Some people slipped through the cracks, unfortunately, but I made some good connections and got a lot of contacts. Most of the people had really nice things to say about the house. One man thought it was overpriced and thought the unique layout was “stupid.” It was interesting to get everyone’s input because people are just so different.

I learned that it’s important to know as much about the property as possible. One couple asked me if the gate marked the end of the property line or if it extended beyond and I was unsure. I pulled up the map but it wasn’t very clear so I had to contact the listing manager to be sure. Thankfully, the couple was happy to let me find out and get back to them with the info. I also learned that people appreciate it when you ask their opinion. Asking them what they liked about the place really got them to open up and share their preferences. They got really excited talking about what they would like to see done with the place and put their spin on it. It was fun to meet all of these people and talk about real estate. I am definitely looking forward to my next open house.

If you’re in need of a Realtor in Pierce County, please contact me. I work closely with two other women that love to help people sell and buy houses. Feel free to contact me!

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