home-viewing-etiquetteGoing to check out homes for the first time with your Realtor can is a very exciting process. It’s fun seeing a different houses with unique layout plans and design schemes. There is a certain etiquette that should be upheld while on the hunt for the perfect house. More often than not, the person currently living in the house is the one selling it. It’s best to start out on the right foot to avoid any potential problems in the future. On average, buyers generally view between 8 to 10 homes before purchasing a home. 


Sometimes the tenants will remain in the home during the viewing. Remember to be courteous. If you don’t like their color scheme or their decorations it’s best not to say so in front of them. It may not be your taste but they like it and it’s rude to insult their things while it’s still their home. Besides, these things can be changed later if you decide to buy it.   


It is understandable that with work and school it can be difficult to find the time to find a new home. Please be considerate of the people still living in the home. Setting a super early or late viewing time isn’t always possible. Your viewings will be based off of the tenants preferences. Be sure to let your agent know if you’re going to be late so they can let the tenants know and they’re not just sitting around waiting. Also, if you’re not a serious buyer let’s not waste the owner’s or your agent’s time. Wait until you are actually in the market to buy. Chances are the house won’t even be there when you’re ready to buy anyway. 

Children and Friends

If you don’t need to bring them, don’t. As adorable as they are, small kids don’t know how to look at things without using their hands. It won’t be in your best interest if your child breaks something important to the owner. The only people coming to a viewing should be the decision makers. Your friends and Uncle Sam can see the house after you’ve moved into it. This benefits you in the end. Too many opinions and distractions can make the process more difficult than it needs to be. 


After seeing house after house it can all start to blur together. I recommend bringing a notepad to make notes on each house. Pictures are better than words but it’s important to ask permission before you take any shots. Some people want their privacy to be protected.

Be Considerate

Some people will be offended if you sit on their furniture. If the house has been staged, the beds may not even be real. It’s also understandable that mother nature will strike while you’re viewing but ask before you go. The water may not be turned on and you won’t be able to flush. It’ll be awkward for you and annoying to the owner. It’s appropriate to open closets and drawers to see if they function properly and offer the amount of space you want but do not go through their belongings. 

House Stalking

If you’re serious about putting an offer in, it’s alright to schedule a second showing to feel more confident about the purchase but after the third or fourth the seller may start to get nervous. Once you’re under contract, don’t just show up at the house whenever you want. You will still need to have your Realtor schedule a showing. 

Communicate with your Realtor

If you have any questions or concerns talk to your Realtor. Always use your Realtor to communicate with the seller and the listing agent. Always have your agent present when you check out a new construction property. The agent works for the builder and won’t get you the best possible deal you deserve. For the same reason, if you see a house you like have your Realtor call the number on the sign. 

This is all mostly common sense but it’s nice to have a reminder every now and again. Just be respectful and you’ll do just fine. If you need help finding a Realtor, I am more than happy to assist you with that. Feel free to contact me and I’ll connect you with someone that will take care of you. 

Beverly James

Blogger/ Consultant




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