I became a Realtor in September of 2016. In all honesty, I never would have guessed this to be the path I would wind up on. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to choose a career that would allow me to help people and make their lives easier. I went back and forth with what I wanted to be. When I was about 8, I wanted to be a writer so I could give people a place to escape to when they were sad. Then, I wanted to be a vet to care of all of the sick and injured animals in the world. That then eventually changed to being a nurse and then a soldier. My heart has always led me to want to care for people and animals; I just didn’t know how I wanted to go about doing it.

Both of my boyfriend’s step parents are in real estate. One does commercial while the other does residential. His step mom would tell me every time we’d would come up to visit that I should become an agent. She’d go on and on about how incredible it was to help people with one of the biggest investments in their life and it would get me thinking and picturing myself doing it. For the past three years, I had been working a dead end job in Portland, Oregon as a Subway manager. One day I just decided enough was enough. I wasn’t making that much money at Subway. I wasn’t happy there and yes, I was making people happy by preparing them gorgeous and delicious sandwiches, but I was capable of doing so much more. My boyfriend and I had decided that are time in Portland was up. We both quit our jobs, packed our belongings, and moved to Puyallup, Washington. I passed the exam in a month and instantly started taking all of the classes Keller Williams had to offer to soak up as much knowledge as possible.


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